Open Document Platform

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Easy deploy e-Document platform

Do you need fast and easy to deployment and reliable to use platform for e-document system? Our opensource solution OpenDocPlat is that you need. Take full benefits of opensource conception:

  • Use any deployment model – On premise, Cloud or SaaS
  • Cut TCO of IT system and business process management
  • Use any Database systems – PostgreSQL, MySQL or others
  • Deploy platform on any server operating systems – Linux or Windows

Build workflow operations web pages faster

Forget times, when you spent lot of time and money to build business process flows and web forms building for them. OpenDocPlat makes this job easiest than ever with built-in page builder function. Do not put off the deal for tomorrow, get an advantage from nocode development:

  • Reduce time to build workflow pages
  • Publish workflow pages faster
  • Keep your system continuously actual
  • Build easy, faster and cheaper with OpenDocPlat

Collect any type of data via OpenDocPlat

Is the data collection bottleneck of your business process? Customisible form templates on OpenDocPlat helps you to collect and systemise data from customers and beneficiaries:

  • Collect data faster and convert to digital
  • Systemise data assets on databases
  • Reduce cost of data collect process
  • Easy build and develop forms

Sign documents with strong cryptographic digital signature

Would you like your digital documents have legal status? You can implement digital signatures from Global Root Certificate Authorities – OpenDocPlat supports any type of cryptographic certificates. Enhance your business via world-wide digital cooperation:

  • Digital documents with legally significant
  • Strong cryptographic digital signatures
  • Legal validity of digital documents worldwide
  • Easy implement any type of CA

Exchange secured digital documents with beneficiaries.

Do your digital documents make your business easy? On OpenDocPlat you can secure any data on any documents with strong cryptographic algorithms and you can be sure for security of your data, when exchange it via Internet:

  • Comprehensive security of digital data
  • Strong cryptographic algorithms to secure data assets
  • Secure data exchange models via Internet
  • Confidential data storing schemes on databases